Collection of useful blog posts and articles

APEX, Rest

Batch Loading CSV to a TABLE in Oracle Autonomous Database using AUTOREST API <- Jeff Smith; Cloud; ATP

Exploring Report Printing in APEX 20.2

Faceted Search Enhancements in APEX 20.2

Interactive Grid – Displaying Master data in Detail IG Header

Oracle APEX Displaying Help Text

Handling Dialog Cancel Event

10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Using APEX

Change the color of the rows alternatively using a Simple CSS in Oracle APEX IR & IG Reports

How to install Oracle Application Express(APEX) 20.1 in Linux

Performance optimization, SQL & PL/SQL

PL/SQL 101: Part 1 in a series of articles on understanding and using PL/SQL for accessing Oracle Database

I ‘fixed’ execution plan regression with optimizer_features_enable, what to do next? <- SQL Plan Baseline; Pathfinder;

Data Pump your Data to the Oracle Autonomous Database <- Jeff Smith; Cloud; Data Pump; SQL Developer

PL/SQL SDK for Oracle Cloud

DBA Masterclass – Application Tuning by Chris Saxon

Longest common substring – Ratcliff-Obershelp similarity algorithm – Great Stuff!!!!

Easy Oracle Cloud wallet location in the JDBC connection string – jdbc:oracle:thin:…?TNS_ADMIN=…

Reoptimization mismatch + Extended Column statistics + Col_Usage

When automatic reoptimization plan is less efficient – V$SQL_REOPTIMIZATION_HINTS

What are Query Block Names and how to find them – +format=>+alias, dbms_sqldiag.create_sql_patch

Making SQL Developer’s UI use your preferred language

Hybrid Partitioned Tables in Oracle Database 19c

Hybrid Partitioned Tables – Lifecycle Management leicht gemacht

Oracle Partitioning – A Step-by-Step Introduction for Developers by Connor McDonald

Oracle Database Resident Connection Pooling – short info from Abel

Rowsets – array processing; _rowset_enabled, _rowsource_statistics_sampfreq, +monitor, rowset statistics; Jonathan Lewis

Indexing Partitions – clustering factor; compress; column statistics; Jonathan Lewis

Parametrisierte Views mit SQL Macros – by Ulrike Schwinn; since 20c

Why my hint has not been used? – by Mohamed Houri; JPPD not supported for HASH JOIN

Oracle Statspack verbessern: Schnellere Snapshots – Teil1 – in German, by Lothar Flatz

Performance Problem with Incremental Statistics Calculation – by Nenad Noveljic; Bug with synopsis/histograms since 12.2

Alexandria PL/SQL Utility Library – Generate PDF; Parse CVS; E-Mail; RegExp; S3; JSON


Managing Oracle Database 19c Users in Active Directory (part 1 – Kerberos)

DBSAT – Database Security Assessment Tool

How to use DBSAT for Oracle 20c and the Autonomous Database – by Julian Dontcheff

Disk file operations I/O – impact of auditing & audit_trail=OS – by Mohamed Houri

RAC, Grid Infrastructure, ASM, OCR, ACFS

Trace File Analyzer Collector – TFA Collector Usage and installation <- H. Hutzler!

Debugging Clusterware <- H. Hutzler!

Silent Out Of Place Patching for ORACLE 19c GI <- Rene Antunez

OPATCHAUTO Bug on 19.3 GI/RDBMS when Patching to 19.6

Step By Step Guide To Install Oracle 19c RAC installation Using VirtualBox

Silent Out-of-Place Patching For Oracle 19c GI

Oracle 12c – Is VKTM always your top process?

Configuring Oracle Restart

ASM und PDB Snapshot Copy – in German; man muss ACFS einsetzen

Oracle 19c (19.9.0) with ASMFD Driver, Kernel 4.1.12 and Oracle Linux 7.8 (3-Node RAC) – by Y V Rami Kumar

Out Of Place (OOP) Patching: Oracle 19c RAC (19.7.0) to Oracle 19c RAC (19.9.0) using 2-Step Method with Rollback Option – by Y V Rami Kumar

Oracle ASM Flex Disk Group Support for Multitenant Cloning Feature – by Y V Rami Kuma;
“alter pluggable database pdb prepare mirror copy pdbcopy;
create pluggable database pdb_new from pdb using mirror copy pdbcopy;”

Oracle Grid Infrastructure on Windows With 2 Nodes – dbi Services

Data Guard

About Oracle Data Guard Log Transport Services

Oracle Data Guard mit der Datenbank-CLI verwenden – Cloud, CLI

How to Fail Over and Reinstate Oracle Database on Oracle Cloud

Tracing Data Guard traffic

Backup & Recovery

(OCI) mv2bucket – Oracle Managed Bucket Content Manager (Doc ID 2723911.1) MV2Bucket is a new tool to manage the Oracle Managed Bucket Content

Upgrade, Migration

Upgrading Oracle using autoupgrade.jar and Migration From NON-CDB to CDB Architecture

Oracle Zero Downtime Migration

When Fixed Object Stats Gathering takes very long during upgrade …

Database Replay – by Tercio Costa in Spanish

Testen mit Oracle Database Replay – by Ulrike Schwinn, in German


How to Create a Database Link from an Autonomous Data Warehouse to a Database Cloud Service Instance <- Official Oracle DWH Blog

Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing – Move your Data with Oracle Data Pump – Part 3 <- Martin Berger CH; DataPump into Cloud

DBMS_CLOUD Package – A Reference Guide Christian Antognini; 2018;

Oracle Cloud : Autonomous Database (ADW or ATP) – Import Data from an Object Store (impdp) <- Tim Hall; Oracle Base

Data Pump your Data to the Oracle Autonomous Database <- Jeff Smith: Data Pump; SQL Developer

Blog from Martin Berger – Autonomous Database

Using Let’s Encrypt certs with Oracle Cloud Load Balancer — including auto renew feature

Working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage

Oracle Autonomous Database Dedicated Workshops & Labs

Oracle 19c Workshops

Create SSH Key for the Cloud

VCN flow logs general availability for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Use Microsoft Active Directory with Autonomous Database

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Security first: Cloud Guard and Security Zones – a first View

Autonomous Database Services: Exportieren mit Data Pump – in German

Oracle Database backup using Archive Storage in OCI – oci, dbcli, long term backup

Backing Up your Oracle Database with Oracle Database Cloud Backup Service, RMAN, and Object Storage – oci, openssl

Backing Up A Database From On-Premise To Object Storage Using RMAN – oci, openssl

Backup Oracle database to OCI Object storage. – oci, openssl, RMAN, good example

Oracle OCI Data Transfer Service – A journey from Kestenholz/Jurasüdfuss/Switzerland to Frankfurt and back – sending disk via DHL or FedEx

How to create Refreshable Clone on Autonomous Database

How to mount OCI object storage as a file system

How to upload files from on premise to object storage using OCI CLI

MAA, Application Continuity, Transaction Guard

Application Continuity in Oracle Database 19c <- Official Oracle MAA Blog

Oracle MAA reference architecture and HA, DR, RTO, RPO – Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze; Prices; SE2 vs. EE

How to never change connection strings again

Testing Application Continuity in Oracle 19c RAC (19.12) using Java Application

Exadata, ZDLRA, ODA

Patch ODA from 18.3 to 19.8. Part 4 – 19.7 to 19.8 <- Fernando Simon

ZDLRA + MAA, Protection for Platinum Architecture

DevOps, Docker, Ansible, Linux

How to Setup and Manage Log Rotation Using Logrotate in Linux

Ansible with Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager

How to Automate your DWH Deployments

OEM (Oracle Enterprise Manager)

How to Install OEM 13.4 on OL8

Machine Learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Graph

Oracle Machine Learning Workshops

Stand-alone installation of Oracle Graph Server – by Gianni; SOUC

Recommended blogs H. Hutzler

Oracle Base – Tim Hall

Mohamed Houri

SQL Developer & Modeller – Jeff Smith

Miscellaneous commands for DB, RAC, TFA etc.

Oracle Developers Blog

Oracle Upgrade Blog – Mike Dietrich – Java, JavaFX, Rapsberry PI by Frank Delporte

Oracle German Community – in German

Y V Rami Kumar